About us?

Our main partners are all citizens of Italian, European and Middle Eastern, our business is also paid to pharmacies, health food stores, SPA and medical specialists and practitioners of holistic medicine.

Studio Parisi is a laboratory-edge national, trained in the analysis of predictive medicine such as oncology and molecular nutrigenetics, forensic genetics, molecular infectious diseases, also performs tests for possible poisoning by heavy metals and radioactive isotopes all through the 'use of non-invasive samples such as buccal swabs and dry hair strands. Collaborate with it other laboratories carefully selected and subject to certification and international and national programs accredited for External Control of Quality.

The laboratory Studio Parisi run each test with analytical processes rigid and all strictly controlled and supervised by automatic systems and highly qualified staff, also all the work is done in compliance with the certifications: ISO 9001: 2008 certification confirms that the process of the company , so the end user can have full confidence that the products and services offered correspond to certain specifications and that all stages of production are traced and verifiable. ISO 14001 certification attests that the organization of an environmental management system certified to the environment and demonstrates our commitment to limit pollution, continuously improve the environmental management system in order to improve our activity against environment. The objective of ISO 27001: 2005 is precisely to protect the data and information from threats of all kinds, in order to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability, and deliver the requirements to adopt an appropriate management system information Security (ISMS) aimed at proper management of sensitive company data.

What tools uses Studio Parisi

The laboratory Studio Parisi, in order to offer its customers more accurate and detailed analysis innovative next-generation, using cutting-edge tools, among which: the real-time PCR instrumentation StepOnePlus, the Qubit 2.0, centrifuges 16000 rev / min., vortexing and bathrooms both dry waterbath, refrigerators in the controlled temperature to 4 ° C and -20 ° C by means temperatur data logger connected to its dedicated computers, last but not least, the entire analytical process is performed at a temperature and humidity controlled.


Each section of the laboratory is chilled individually in order to avoid even the remote possibility of contamination. Among the various sections are carpets scavengers and disposable clothing. The reagents used are the most sensitive on the market, American production for forensic investigation so that we can analyze even very small amounts of DNA present in the buccal swabs dry.

"Studio Parisi is also supported by a Service Laboratory, which means entrust to an external delicate aspects of the diagnostic industry.


Fundamental in this complex organizational structure is the instrumental equipment vanguard. Only constant updating of technologies applied to molecular diagnostics and robotic systems of the highest standard, ensuring maximum reliability of the results obtained. The total analytical process is constantly monitored and supervised by skilled operators, all this to ensure total security in the identification of samples and therefore maximum safety of the results obtained.


The tools and analytical methods used are subject to certification and international and national programs accredited for External Control of Quality. The instrumentation is automated and directed by a computer system of the latest generation designed and developed to measure for Studio Parisi, this system is able to control all stages of processing and operational logistics, managing all the work process after the process.


The whole analysis process is marked CE: from DNA extraction to all analytical steps is guaranteed the use of reagents and equipment CE marked IVD. Our strong point are the technologies and skills so as to offer services-art."

Studio Parisi decided to create solutions and services for the wellbeing and psychophysical balance of 'end user all using innovative tools; all our efforts is reflected in the desire to offer customers the best product in order to identify shortcomings, disorders and excesses in the feeding of the third millennium. Our business is meant to be of predictive medicine and healing, when it comes to care is already too late.

Laboratories working with Studio Parisi

Our Mission


Be present in the field of wellness and predictive medicine and alternative is a big responsibility. We look forward to the future and progress: with these big assumptions our choices are to be maximum efficiency by employing highly skilled staff and equipment of last generation all in constant and continuous evolution to the highest quality standards.

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