Medical science that studies the functioning of the Postural System for the identification of the causes of various diseases or functional alterations.

The posturologist fulfills a functional and comprehensive evaluation postural balance and posture receptors; to better understand it is good to know that the human body is considered not to "pieces", but globally, that is, in a holistic view (from the greek "olos" - together only).


The postural system is a very complex set that involves structures of the central and peripheral nervous system, foot, mouth, eye, skin system, muscles, joints, but also the stomatognathic (occlusal system and language ) and the inner ear.


If, over time, problems arise at any level, at first your body will try to compensate in some way until it can (highest shoulder, pelvis rotations, scoliosis attitudes, plantar support vices, head tilted ...) compatibly with the individual capacity; at a certain point, however, this ability to compensate reach its limit, constituted precisely by the "sum" of these "adjustments" and will appear the first signs of a disease as if it were an alarm siren.

This "polluted" by the various compensation system then, will see the emergence of all the common problems (headaches, neck pain, neuralgia, defects in chewing and dental occlusion, back pain, lumbago, sciatica, shoulder pain, arms, hips, knees, to the ankle) but also less known disorders (difficulty driving at night or concentration in reading, click mandibular etc.).


The Posture is not a discipline in its own right: that is why the posturologist seeks to bring together in a single assessment concepts of ophthalmology, neurology, dentistry, physical medicine, orthopedics and osteopathy in order to compile a complete Diagnosis of treatment priorities.

And this is also because the posturologist will ask a patient to have recourse to other professionals such as the osteopath, the optometrist - visual trainer, a dental specialist in cranio-mandibular disorders, speech therapist, naturopath, homeopath.


A similar assessment is both clinical and instrumental, thanks to the use of specific equipment such as for example stabilometry and baropodometry computed.

There are tests to evaluate the role of the foot, the balance test (vestibular receptor), tests on visual function (ocular receptor); others to see if there are occlusal interference, ie from the masticatory system (teeth and jaw) or skin (for example in the presence of important scars), and testing apparatus for the evaluation musculo-skeletal system.

The posturologist performs a functional and global balance of postural and analytical system of individual receptors, looking for the real cause of the pain and then the dysfunction.


A 'altered postural balance causes a whole series of painful and more or less severe functional and structural alterations symptoms, but which can reach up to complex frameworks such as a herniated disc, the juvenile scoliosis, major chronic headaches, metabolic alterations in the balance .

Often we seek remedy in a drug therapy that can not fight the causes, but if necessary even worsen the overall picture, leading to forms of intoxication.


A similar survey of the postural system as a whole offers significant benefits to all categories of persons.

For example, in sports postural optimization is crucial for the best performance but also to prevent accidents and to maintain the shape.


In the child, in the infant and adolescent, apparently, the postural assessment is absolutely necessary and mandatory: it is at this stage that the easier it proactively identify problems and then you can create the conditions for proper growth.


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