The aim of naturopathy is the overall health and welfare of the people was.

Naturopathy define the discipline that studies the psycho-biological and physical alterations in human bio-energetic way, in a different complementary vision from the "clinical" official.

More precisely, the Naturopathy is a complementary to the Medical science, which allows you to carry out investigations and treatments that give a comprehensive and holistic view of the person and are always complementary of those classic medical, the primary interest of citizens and society.


Naturopathy is studying natural harmonization of body functions of the person. E 'the synthesis of many natural methodologies, including the natural food, non-pharmacological domestic use of fibers and dietary supplements, improving health and non-therapeutic, the reflex-stimulation techniques, simple investigations, no clinical nor invasive.


This allows you to get an overview, psychosomatic and energy of the person with the basic function to normalize a balance often altered, for different causes, such as pollution of any kind, stress, overload of toxins (poisoning), the food intolerances , poor diet and especially the wrong bad habits and lifestyles that our society impose on us.


The Naturopath act:

  • By recreating a tune with the cyclical trend of the seasons through a proper relationship with food, water, air, the alternations of the work / rest, sleep / wake, light / dark.
  • Favoring the reduction in stress levels.
  • Suggesting the fundamental correction of everyday behavior in order to improve the relationship with yourself.
  • By improving metabolic function.
  • Recovering a harmonious relationship with your body and physical activity.

Nutritional Tips

Food intolerances

Any physical and even mental illness can be traced to nutritional deficiencies that result in malfunctioning of the incredibly wonderful machine that is our body.

In nature there is no single food, a universal food, a "Manna", that meets the complex nutritional needs of 'human organism. Therefore it is important to take the widest possible variety of foods in order to offset or supplement their nutritional deficiencies, inevitably, of each food.


In addition, ingesting always repeatedly the same foods is likely to accumulate foreign substances, such as preservatives or dyes, or various additives which, in small amounts, the organism can easily neutralize and expel, but that in larger quantities, could undermine the sewage system, storm drainage, excretion and "waste disposal" of the organism.


The symptoms potentially caused by a food intolerance are so diverse and widespread that almost all of the people who suffer from any disorder can be pruned to believe they are intolerant to some food. In fact, the symptoms can be intestinal, dermatological, neurological, dell 'urinary tract, respiratory or musculoskeletal.



Natural food

The natural power as a scheme of life, effective and proper use of foods allows to investigate the nature of the foods on their composition, how they are assimilated and what function they have in a "healthy" organism (salutistico effect).


It 'a complex discipline because it must take into account the individual reaction to a certain food: "what is good for one person can harm another!": You have to discover the deep reasons of the physiological behavior of each person to a same food.


The naturopathic nutrition, to be well applied must take account of bio-typological constitution, temperament and individual diathesis.

Nourishment is essential for the psycho-physical and spiritual development



Food rebalancing

The primary source of vitality is POWER: his mistakes procure physiological disorders, diseases, disorders of the soul.


The power thus has a considerable influence on the organism and the mechanisms of feeling and thought.

The psycho-physical imbalance has the same root: poor eating habits, lifestyle messy, lack of balance between physical activity, emotional and mental.



The use of natural substances

The Naturopath provides tips on using natural substances, products and free sale of supplements, essential oils, flower essences Bach, Australian and other herbs and plants, and oligo Gemmo derivatives.




Vitamins are organic substances which are chemically very different from each other, without an energy value precisely.

They are essential nutrients since they can not be synthesized by the human body (with few exceptions); They must, therefore, be introduced from the outside with food.


The vitamins are divided into water-soluble (B group vitamins and vitamin C) and fat soluble (vitamins A, D, E, K).

The water-soluble vitamins are transformed in the body into their physiologically active form, consisting of the "coenzymes", which represent the cofactors of many enzyme systems.

For their assistance in enzyme activity, vitamins can be considered organic catalysts, able to initiate the metabolic pathways and rebalance the biological cell state.


Recent scientific findings highlight the properties of some B vitamins such as B6, B9 and B12 in reducing blood levels of homocysteine, a substance derived from the metabolism of methionine and which is implicated in many cardiovascular diseases.


In addition, it is very important the role played by antioxidant vitamins A, C and E in the protection of the cell from the action distruente of free radicals and, therefore, in the prevention of many degenerative diseases associated with aging.



Rebalancing metabolic

If there are no physiological problems such as alterations in thyroid function and metabolic diseases, often basal metabolism is altered by various causes such as poisoning (amalgam fillings, drugs etc.), a chronic regimen of bad eating habits, as were stressful that affect the normal bio-chemical balance.

By removing these obstacles we could restore optimum overall metabolic function.


Dysfunctions of normal metabolism may be caused by various diseases, more or less important.

of thyroid problems or diseases such as diabetes significantly alter the physiological basal metabolism.

When the metabolic clinical- picture is not optimum, it is also to alter the postural framework: the main reasons are due to the fact that


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