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The language plays a vital role in the proper development and functioning of the cranial-mandibular system (maxilla, mandible, dentition) and postural.


Of particular importance is the atypical swallowing in children, linked to duration of dysfunctional movements of the tongue, not necessarily due to a disease, but usually linked to "bad habits" of the movement and posture of the tongue.

In other words, the thrust of the language is not directed more towards the palate but on the teeth, causing the following damage:


failure to expand the hard palate (palate Ristretto or Ogival);


altered tooth development, because of the relentless and powerful thrust of the language that has no contrast even in the orbicular muscles of the lips, remained weak;


This, in turn, determines the following issues:


Alteration in the cranio-mandibular development (especially of the mandible and maxilla);


Scorretto development and dental positioning (open bite, anterior teeth that "fanning forward", dental nell'eruzione delay, etc.);


postural disorders: the language is in fact not a muscle of its own, but part of that complex of muscles that make up the so-called muscle chain lingual and has implications on the whole postural system.

Alterations of oral functions, if not promptly treated, may give rise to subject, in children, a muscle imbalance orofacial.


The most common symptoms consist of:

  • Breathing oral (mouth open);
  • Swallowing deviated: chewing problems - swallowing liquid food and / or solids;
  • verbal articulation disorders phonation: the distortion of the sounds: / s / sun, / s / pink, / z / cup, / z / backpack in which the language can leak or come between the teeth
  • Palate tall and narrow;
  • abnormal growth of teeth (malocclusion);
  • oral Vizi (sucking finger, fingers, pacifier, continuing supply through the teat of the bottle);
  • Poor control and gold facial muscle coordination;
  • Abnormal posture lingual to "rest";
  • Difficulty to maintain attention and concentration;
  • Postural problems related to the aforementioned alterations.

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