DNA food intolerance test (600 foods)

This is a genetic test, which does not include gluten and lactose intolerance test and so it is suitable for individuals who know that they do not have these food intolerances.


What is the DNA food intolerance test (600 foods)?

This is a nutrigenomic test, which includes 3 different tests:

·         the first one analyses 600 different types of food categorized into different food groups;

·         the second one analyses 210 types of mineral water and suggests which type of mineral water is better for your body;

·         the third one includes 250 food additives, as colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, thickeners and stabilisers, used daily in the food production process.


How the DNA food intolerance test (600 foods) works

You will receive the kit and the instructions for doing a proper sample collection directly at home. Place the buccal swab, which is included in the kit, into your mouth and rub it on the inside of your cheeks to pick up a sample of epithelial cells found in saliva. Please fill in the online questionnaire, informed consent and privacy forms. Send all to the address that is written in the instructions.

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