Food Intolerances

Every physical or psychological disease may be attributable to nutritional deficiencies, determining an incorrect operation of our body.

Therefore, it is important to assume the widest range of foods, in order to compensate, or anyway, integrate our nutritional deficiencies.

After all, even repeatedly eating always the same kinds of foods may result damaging for the body: in this way, in fact, toxic substances, such as preservatives, colorants and many additives that are normally expelled by our body, may accumulate and seriously compromise our purification, drainage and excretion systems of our body.


At the moment in which assuming a particular food causes some diseases – that may be of various nature – it is necessary, first of all, to verify whether if it is caused by and allergy or an intolerance.

How? If diseases manifest themselves through the intervention of immunity system, raging with an enormous and immediate response, it is caused by an allergy; if, instead, there is no immunity system reaction, it is an intolerance, caused by the chemical composition of the food.


Potential symptoms caused by food intolerances are so various and diffused that, the majority of people may be inclined to believe in being intolerant to some particular food.

Those symptoms, in fact, may be acting combined, through various manifestations: gastrointestinal, bloated stomach, nausea, vomit, constipation alternated to diarrhoea; cutaneous symptoms such as rashes, eruptions, etc.; respiratory symptoms, such as asthma, cough, etc.; Up to, in some cases, with symptoms of diseases of the urinary, muscular or neurologic apparatus.


However, food intolerances are not stable for the rest of the life and may be overcame with time. Anyway, when food intolerances are found can be an useful assistance in order to calibrate a perfect diet plan for foods you are not intolerant to.



Natural nutrition has to be intended as a way of life and, in particular, as the rational and correct use of food.

In other words, it means that it is necessary to investigate about the nature of each food, its composition, its way of being assimilated and its function into an healthy body: that is what an healthy nutrition does.


Natural nutrition, so, is a very complex discipline, because it considers the reaction of the single individual to a particular food, that is because "What is good for someone may hurt some others".


In order to get the nutrition to work properly on people’s health, it is necessary to discover the undisclosed reasons of each person’s physiological behaviour to toward a particular food, considering each person’s bio-typological constitution, temperament and diathesis (a hereditary or constitutional predisposition to a disease or other disorder).

Nutritional counterbalance


"So, if the fundamental source of life for human beings is NUTRITION, it is likewise important to understand that errors in nutrition such as wrong eating habits, messy living loss equilibrium between physical, emotional and mental activities, cause physiological and psychological disorders and even diseases.



"Nutrition, therefore, has a noticeable influence on body, on feeling and thinking mechanisms, because of its fundamental function on our physical and psychological development.


Using natural substances

The Well-Being Consultant supplies precious advices about the use of products based exclusively on natural substances, such as, for example: supplements, essential oils, Bach and Australian flower essences, flowers an plants etc.





Vitamins, organic substances chemically that differ one from another and that lack of their own energetic value, in the end, deserve a particular mention.


Vitamins are essential feeding that needs to be introduced through food, because them cannot be synthetized by the human body (except for some particular case).


Vitamins are distinguished water-soluble (B and C group vitamins) and fat-soluble (A,D,E,K).


Water-soluble vitamins, in particular, when assumed, transform themselves in coenzyme (their physiological active form) concurring for the main enzyme related activities of the body: that’s why vitamins can be considered as organic catalysts, able to start metabolic reaction and counterbalance cell’s biological status.

Recent scientific researches, moreover, have discovered some B group vitamins’ property of reducing homocysteine, a substance derived from methionine metabolism and involved in many cardiovascular diseases

In the end, for what concerns fat-soluble vitamins, it is noticeable them intervention of cell protection from the action of free radicals, helping prevent many ageing related disorders.


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