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"Studio Parisi is one of the few professionals in Italy

able to elaborate a custom diet,

calibrated exclusively on particular needs of every single athlete."

We avail ourselves of Nationwide known experts in Dietetics, Posturology, Osteopathy, Naturopathy and of an analytical laboratory, able to discover food intolerances, using a breakthrough biophysical analysis of DNA.


Only through this particular DNA-level food intolerance discovering it is possible to formulate the best diet, in order to get the best results in training, thanks to the complete removal of foods that, not being tolerated by our body, compromise its perfect operation.


A structured nutrition programme, together with an appropriate physical preparation, will get you to the "perfect fit".


The athlete’s special needs can be satisfied on through assuring to organism the right amount of: carbohydrates, fat, proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and water, depending upon the results of the food intolerance test.


Moreover, quantity and variety of food consumed by the athlete will have to be adapted to each possible kind of training that the sportsman can do, during a period of time.

"Because of this, for example, in periods of muscular enhancement protein consumption will need to grow, in order to increase the muscular mass amount, meanwhile, during the days before a competition, it will be needed to integrate the diet with larger carbohydrates consumption.


Absolutely in no case, both during training, both before and after a competition, assumption of minerals, vitamins and water has to be neglected.

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