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When and why it is necessary and helpful to address reorganize their eating habits:

The term "overweight" generally indicates a weight excess of the standards set by 'World Health Organization and is considered by many to be an important risk factor for the onset of many chronic diseases especially when you are faced with a problem of true obesity itself.


A healthy body needs a minimum intake of fat for the proper functioning of the hormonal system, reproductive and immune systems.

The accumulation of too much fat reserves may jeopardize the movements and the elasticity and also alter the shape of the body. Obesity, however, is a multifactorial disease, which is typical, although not exclusive, of the companies called "wellness" is "obese" defines an individual whose mass of adipose tissue is excessive, with body mass index greater than 30 .


That said, we would like out to you that the dietary advice they want to be the only practical tips that will allow you to greatly increase the effectiveness of supplements, resulting in weight loss, and, in any case, to achieve a certain benefit from improved food lifestyle .

Precisely because of this, we have deliberately omitted to specify the dose and quantity of food intake, leaving thus only to you the identification of the daily ration necessary not to let you feel the sensation of hunger.

Genetic diet

Genetic nutrition plan

Did you follow different diets and you did not lose weight? Or did you gain the same amount or more weight, after following the diet? Try our genetic diet and solve your weight problems definitely.


Genetic diet is a personalized diet based on your metabolic profile, which is aimed at losing weight. The metabolic profile is defined through a genetic test.


The customer will provide the biological sample, alongside information about the health status filling in a self-assessment questionnaire.


This is a personalized plan which help you to lose weight definitely, because it is based on your DNA profiling. Indeed there is not a diet that is right for everyone, but there is a personalized diet that is right for each one.


What is the genetic diet?

You will receive the kit and the instructions for doing a proper sample collection directly at home.


Place the buccal swab, which is included in the kit, into your mouth and rub it on the inside of your cheeks to pick up a sample of epithelial cells found in saliva.


Please fill in the online questionnaire, informed consent and privacy forms. Send all to the address that is written in the instructions.

Consultation via e-mail during the diet program.


Work Office Diet

4 or 12 weeks work office diet, including daily menu. Our nutritionists will process a balanced and personalized diet, made of easy and quick meals suitable for working individuals.


What is the work office diet?


This diet is good for individuals who work all day and have no time to cook, but want to follow a healthy diet and lose weight.




Dissociated nutrition plan

4 or 12 weeks dissociated diet, including daily menu. Our nutritionists will process a balanced and personalized diet.


What is the dissociated diet?

The dissociated diet was invented in America by Dr William Howard Hay in 1911.  Complex meals make the body sluggish and slow down the digestive process. The dissociated diet does not include food with different digestive processes in the same meal and has the purpose to simplify our eating habits for purifying the body and losing weight, through proper food combining principles.




Vegan diet

Vegan nutrition plan

4 or 12 weeks vegan diet, including daily menu. Consultation via e-mail.


Our nutritionists will process a vegan diet, taking into consideration your specific requirements.


What is the vegan diet?

It is not easy to follow a vegan diet. Vegan diet is characterized by the exclusion of products of animal origin and animal derived foods (eggs, cheese, milk, honey), mainly for ethical reasons, but also because the consumption of vegetables is nutritious and good for the health. The term "vegan" comes from the Latin word "vegetalis", which means " belonging to the animal kingdom". The vegan diet is characterized by the consumption of vegetal food, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, algae and fats of vegetable origin. This diet is good for detoxifying the intestine, due to the great amount of fiber and antioxidants. Moreover it prevents colorectal cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It reduces cholesterol levels and glycemia. Two new epidemiological studies have shown that a diet rich in legumes, vegetables, fruits and fiber reduces the body mass index (BMI), prevents type 2 diabetes, reduces hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


Individuals who follow this type of diet may need a greater intake of vitamin B12, iron and calcium.





Nutrition plan for athletes

4 or 12 weeks diet for athletes, including daily menu. Our nutritionists will process a balanced and personalized diet for athletes, based on type and intensity of physical activity and personal diet goal.




What is the diet for athletes?

Good nutrition is very important for athletes. The athlete must consume the right amount of calories when following a balanced diet and calories should be split appropriately throughout the day, as physical activity increases energy expenditure. It is important that the individual who does regular physical activity knows the types of food which can be useful during physical activity and consumes food in the right quantity and manner, if the individual wants to take the most advantage of the diet.





Flat belly diet nutrition plan

4 or 12 weeks flat belly diet, including daily menu. Our nutritionists will process a balanced and personalized diet, based on your personal diet goal.


What is the flat belly diet?


Big belly is usually due to a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect nutrition. The flat belly diet will be very useful, when we want to reduce the swelling in the belt line. If we split meals throughout the day, follow easy and important rules when cooking and reduce the consumption of food which causes swelling, it will be possible to have a flat belly.



Balanced protein diet

High-protein nutrition plan

4 or 12 weeks balanced protein diet, including daily menu. Consultation via e-mail.

Our nutritionists will process a balanced protein diet, taking into consideration your specific requirements.



What is the balanced protein diet?

This type of diet is characterized by the consumption of a high amount of proteins, alongside the consumption of fruit and vegetables; so it is excellent for maintaining muscle mass while losing fat, without hunger.


As a result of reduced fats and carbohydrates, this diet decreases insulin production and contrasts body mass storage. The pyramidal system includes a strict protein diet only in the first and second weeks, followed by a reintroduction phase of new foods in the third and fourth weeks.


This type of diet allows increase of thermogenesis due to the diet and increase of basal metabolism due to the muscle mass growth. Nitrogenous waste products produced by the body are expelled due to the great amount of fruit and vegetables in the diet.


Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean nutrition plan

4 o 12 weeks mediterranean diet, including daily menu. Consultation via e-mail.

Our nutritionists will process a mediterranean diet, taking into consideration your specific requirements.


What is the mediterranean diet?

The mediterranean diet is an UNESCO heritage, and has an important cultural and historical value in Italy. It represents easy, creative and savory cooking, appreciated all over the world. A dietary lifestyle made of rules and habits inspired by the mediterranean tradition.  The mediterranean diet is a diet characterized by the consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes and dried fruit, alongside a limited consumption of fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. It promotes the consumption of complex carbohydrates, instead of simple carbohydrates and the consumption of fibres, a big supply of monounsaturated acids and antioxidants. This type of diet extends the life span and reduces risk of diseases, such as stroke, heart attack, cancers, obesity and diabetes. Olive oil is used instead of butter and margarine and represents a source of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, which are useful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Fish is a source of polyunsaturated fats omega 3 and is good for the cardiovascular apparatus. The consumption of fruits and vegetables also prevents risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as they contain antioxidants.



Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian nutrition plan

Dieta vegetariana su 4 o 12 settimane con menù giornaliero. Consulenza via email.

Our nutritionists will process a vegetarian diet, taking into consideration your specific requirements.


What is the vegetarian diet?

Would you like to start following a vegetarian diet, but you do not know what to eat? Or maybe are you following a vegetarian diet and are you worried about possible nutritional deficiencies? The solution is eating the right amount of different types of food.


The vegetarian diet originated in ancient times. Individuals who decide to follow a vegetarian diet can have ethical, environmentalist and healthy interests.

In Italy there is the largest number of individuals who follow this type of diet in Europe, also because it is very easy to buy and eat vegetables in our country, due to the mediterranean weather and diet.


Vegetarian diet is characterized by lack of meat and fish, while other products of animal origin (cheese, milk, eggs, etc.) are allowed. The vegetarian diet includes complex carbohydrates, food with the right protein content in place of fish and meat, and a great amount of fruit and vegetables. This is a balanced diet, which is good for preventing many diseases.


Indeed it reduces cholesterol, which is dangerous for the cardiovascular system, and keeps blood sugar levels under control through carbohydrates found in vegetables and this is good for preventing diabetes. Vegetarian diet reduces sodium supply and increases potassium levels, preventing hypertension, and increases calcium storage, contrasting osteoporosis. Moreover, it prevents different types of cancer, such as breast and colorectal cancers. This diet is good for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), colitis and gastritis. It is also good for the nervous system. Vitamins C and E contents in fruits and vegetables are good for the skin. Moreover, these types of food contain a great amount of water, which cleans the body and contrasts water retention and the formation of cellulite.




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